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I have indexed a site with solr. It works very well if stemming is not enabled. Using stemming, however, solr does not return any hits when searching for the root of a word. I use Swedish stemming.

For example, searching for support gives hits if not using stemming. Using stemming, searching for support gives no hits. Though, searching for supporten returns hits that match support.

By debugging the query, I can see that it stems the word support to suppor (which is incorrect by the way, but that should not matter). However, having the word stemmed to suppor, I want it to search for matches with the the original query word as well.

I'd appreciate any help on this!

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Afaik, there is no way to keep the original word when stemming...

I assume that you are using solr.SnowballPorterFilterFactory. Snowball algorithm is too aggressive.

You should try a Hunspell stemmer or maybe solr.SwedishLightStemFilterFactory.

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