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Well I am developing a lookup using window.open object for the web apps which runs on the webkit browser of android tablet.Now the problem is the object is not displaying to its given height & width on the tablet while it is displaying good on the windows desktop.Following is my code.

function ADShowLookup(Title,For,Obj,ObjDesc,Text,WeDate, Focus,FunName,Height,Width,UserGroup)
        URL = "Height="+Height+"&hObject=" + Obj + "&hObjDesc=" + ObjDesc + "&hFor=" + For + "&Text=" + Text;
        if(Focus != undefined)   URL += "&nextfocus=" + Focus ;
        if(FunName != undefined)   URL += "&hFunName="  + FunName ;        
        if(UserGroup != undefined)   URL += "&hUserGroup="  + UserGroup ; 
        if(WeDate != undefined)   URL += "&WeDate=`dtWeDate`" ;
        doOpenWin('calltc2?title=' + Title + '&report=showLookup&params=' + escape(URL),Height,Width);

    function doOpenWin(URL, Height, Width)
        Att = "dialogWidth:" + Width + "px; dialogHeight:" + Height + "px; status:no; center:yes;scroll:no";
        var hwin;
        hwin = window.open(URL,'win1','toolbar=no,statusbar=yes,width=400,height=600');
        hwin.moveTo(300, 400);

   <button onClick="ADShowLookup('CC Search','cc16','CcCode','CcDesc','`cJobNo`','County','',600,300)" style="cursor:pointer" />Lookup</button>

So can anyone help me in this?

Your help will surely appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!!!!



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I dont know why my question is displaying like this...Can someone help me to edit this in proper format –  Arvind Thakur Aug 19 '11 at 12:56
Yeah, it's a bit weird how SO does this. the best way to get your code formatted properly is to just use their buttons. Highlight the text and click the {} button. –  Joseph Marikle Aug 19 '11 at 12:58
well thanks Joseph –  Arvind Thakur Aug 19 '11 at 13:03

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