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I am working on a register controller to create a account. I send the user to a special url: www.name.com/activate/1/fdafdsafdasfdsa where 1 is a id en fdafdsafsda is a hash. I check these in the public function init. If the id and hash are right the init does a forward to step1: $this->_forward('step1', null, null, array());

Step 1 is a form and if this is posted and correct step 1 does a forward to step2. But now the problem is in step 2 there is also a form. But I don't want to change the url so I use forward. But when posting on step2 he send the user back to step1. What is a good solution to fix this problem?


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You can use an extra parameter in your form to indicate which step is the current. Then, in your "Controller > predispatch", you can "select" the right method.

But for my personnal use, I prefere to change the URL to point the differents steps (and I implement a check to ensure the user follow the sequence of step).

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