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Can anyone recommend a good online tutorial or book for learning either of the following:

  • XML Schema (XSD). At the end of this book/tutorial, I should be able to write my own XSD and understand existing XSDs - hopefully, a free XSD editor is suggested with the resource.

  • XSLT. At the end of this course/book, I should be able to write XSLT to perform tranforms - my goal being to generate DDL from an XSD

Last, but not the least: I am developing/working on Linux, so any tools recommended should be cross platform

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I think O'reilly XSLT cookbook may be what I was looking for ... –  oompahloompah Aug 19 '11 at 13:44

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The w3schools tutorial @Hugh recommends is a good, but basic introduction.

The XML Schema specification itself also includes a primer - XML Schema Part 0: Primer Second Edition. It's dense reading, but thorough. I suggest reading the w3schools tutorial then skimming the primer to at least be aware of the topics the w3schools skips (abstracts, uniqueness, key, keyref, etc).

The book Definitive XML Schema is also well regarded. There is a brand new 2nd edition out.

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