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I am reading my WPF imagesource like this:

dim bmi as new bitmapimage()
bmi.cachoption = None
bmi.UriSource = new Uri(MyFileName, Urikind.Absolute)

It works like it should until this point. But user can update the image by copying the file. Then I want to refresh the image. But the file "MyFileName" is locked and when I want do overwrite it, it throws an error that it is already in use and locked.

But wait, I searched here for a solution and I got it:

bmi.cachoption = OnLoad

was the key... BUT!! now, the image is always the old one and is not updated to the new file. How to clear this cache?

In VB.Net I made an System.Drawing.Bitmap from stream. How to do it best way in WPF?


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see if stackoverflow.com/questions/2097152/… helps? i don't know how to clear the cache explicity, but this may help you anyway. –  Can Poyrazoğlu Aug 19 '11 at 13:15

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dlev had a good advice. Here you see the cache option to solve it: WPF - Problems overwriting (re-saving) image when it was set as image source

imgTemp.CreateOption = BitmapCreateOptions.IgnoreImageCache
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