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Other than Locale.getISOCountries() that is, because I'm already getting some strange errors with that. What else is the best way to get the 2-letter country codes as well as the full country name?

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Can you paste the stacktrace over here? And jdk you are using? Or try without importing java.util.Locale.getISOCountries(), just to be sure its same Locale you intended. – Adeel Ansari Apr 3 '09 at 1:55
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For a separate project, I took the country code data from the ISO site.

Beware of the following:

  • The names are in all caps. You will probably want to tweak it so it's not.
  • The names are not all in simple ASCII.
  • The names are not entirely political neutral (it is probably impossible for any purported list of countries to be). E.g., "Taiwan, Province of China" is a name. A good starting point to learn about the issues is this blog post.
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See code snippets :

String[] locales = Locale.getISOCountries();

for (String countryCode : locales) {

    Locale obj = new Locale("", countryCode);

    System.out.println("Country Code = " + obj.getCountry() 
        + ", Country Name = " + obj.getDisplayCountry());


Refer to this country list in Java for more examples.

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  1. Create a Map out of this page
  2. Save it to a file (I suggest XMLEncoder/XMLDecoder class)
  3. Create a wrapping class that loads this Map from the file (I'd use a lazily initialized singleton) and allows access to the get(...) methods.
  4. Repeat (or use a bi-directional map) these steps for each column of the table on the afore mentioned webpage.
  5. Fancy-Time: Throw in some code to wrap the entries in a Reference object (SoftReference?) so that the Map won't throw MemoryErrors
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