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I would like to know if there is a way to use kohana ORM module on zend framework. I really do not like zend's db_table model because it is over complicated to work with and there is not validation included.

I think validation should be included on the model not on separated forms, of course there are reasons of why this was made this way but in the case that I need, this is not useful.

I would apreciate any help from you guys.

Regards, Teddy

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I have never heard people using Kohana ORM in Zend Framework .

Reasons are

1 ) Kohana itself is a framework . You can include Zend framework as a library if needed .

2 ) I am not sure whether Kohana ORM can be used as a standalone ORM . If so yes you can . Keep it in libaray folder and add the autoloaderNamespaces in application.ini. Zend is using Pear standard. So any library which uses the same can be done via the same trick. You can see how htmlpurifier is included in Zend Framework from ZendCasts.com

3 ) Many of the people who uses Zend are using Doctrine from version 2 needs 5.3, PHP Active Record for 5.3, Propel for 5.2 + etc which are standalone .

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thanks for the help Hari will look at the zendcasts.com page. –  mongaru Aug 22 '11 at 14:13

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