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I am using django-autocomplete in my "edit user details view" for adding "friends"

django-autocomplete works perfect but displays also the "current user" (who is editing his profile) and the user "anonymous"

I want to exclude those two.

How can I accomplish that?


class Profile(UserenaLanguageBaseProfile):
    friends = models.ManyToManyField(User,related_name='userfriends', blank=True, null=True)


class EditProfileForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
        widgets = {
            'friends': MultipleAutocompleteWidget(Profile.friends),
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It's not a complete answer, but you should do something along those lines:

autocomplete = AutocompleteView()

class ProfileAutocomplete(AutocompleteSettings):
    queryset = Profile.objects.exclude(friends='anonymous')

    autocomplete.register(Profile.friends, UserAutocomplete)

But this will not exclude the current user. To get that you will have override/extend the view method of your ProfileAutocomplete class. In this method you will need to get the user ID (probably from the session) and then exclude it from the queryset. If using the session is not working (it's possible, I didn't put too much time on it), you 'll probably have to modify the jquery_autocomplete.js script to pass the user to the view method.

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