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Is there a way to modify the template IntelliJ uses for a method's Javadoc?

In particular, I want my javadoc comments to look like this:

 *  Comment here

However, when I reformat the code, the javadoc ends up looking like this:

 * ******************
 *  Comment here
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A javadoc comment must start with /**. Does that mean it cannot start with /*********************? –  Zack Aug 19 '11 at 16:15

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It doesn't seem like you want JavaDoc comments then, as they are defined to look like how IntelliJ is making them.

You can disable JavaDoc formatting:

  1. Settings > Project Settings > Code Style > JavaDoc
  2. Uncheck Enable JavaDoc formatting

This way, you can have your multi-line comments not get reformatted as JavaDoc comments. IntelliJ is identifying them (correctly) as JavaDoc comments since they have two asterisks.

You can also change them to regular multi-line comments (not JavaDoc comments) by adding a space before the second asterisk (e.g. /* ****************), which should also have IntelliJ not reformat them.

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