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I am trying to access some DisplayMetrics data and everything is returning zero. This is how I am initializing display metrics object:

DisplayMetrics display = new DisplayMetrics();

and when I call display.heightPixels it's just zero. Do I need a permission or something to access DisplayMetrics?

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This is not how to use DisplayMetrics.

This is how:

final WindowManager w = (WindowManager) context
final Display d = w.getDefaultDisplay();
final DisplayMetrics m = new DisplayMetrics();

// m now contains reliable data
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And, oh, by the way : this question could have been avoided if you had really read the documentation...… – OcuS Aug 19 '11 at 15:47

I think you have to use getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(metrics);, before call the method display.heightPixels

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You should call: getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(display);

before calling display.heightPixels

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