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I am new to Hibernate. In my application I am maintaining a one-to-many mapping for a List. The mapping in the hbm file looks like this:

<list name="list1" lazy="false" inverse="true" cascade="all, delete-orphan">
<column name="NAME" />
<column name="DATE"></column>
<list-index column="SEQUENCE" base="1"></list-index>
<one-to-many class="model.Implementation"/>

The problem I am facing is, when I add or delete an element from middle of the list and save the class containing the list, it will not get updated in the Data base. The issue is not seen when I add/delete an element at the end. Another point I have noticed here is, the issue is not seen when I save, navigate away from my screen and reopen the same list and perform the test case. It is seen when I save, and immediately add/delete elements at the beginning or in the middle of the list.

Any suggestions or alternatives are welcome.

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show us how you add/delete an element, and the mapping for Implementation – hvgotcodes Aug 19 '11 at 16:32
Because you have it mapped inverse="true" you should also show us the mapping for model.Implementation, since the mapping here is not really "in charge." – Daniel Lyons Aug 19 '11 at 16:34

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