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I'm trying to integrate openx into an Ruby on Rails 2 application and I'm deploying my rails application on the root of my server like 'http://mydomain.com/' so i put the openx folder in the public so it'd load in 'http://mydomain.com/openx/www/admin/' hut i'm getting this error

No route matches "/openx/www/admin/"

Should i add a custom route on my routes.rb file?

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No matter what, I'd suggest setting up vhosts so that you can have oxadmin.mydomain.com go to /path/to/openx/www/admin and have oxdelivery.mydomain.com go to /path/to/openx/www/delivery and oximages.mydomain.com go to /path/to/openx/www/images

OX was designed so all files which should be public are in the 'www' folder - setting it up like above keeps only the www files publicly available while also separating your admin, delivery, and image domains

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