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Frustrated SO regular here:

I'm creating a theme-options.php page for a child theme in Wordpress. Here's the code. The page renders correctly, including: Adding the page link to the correct admin menu, creating and displaying the options page. When I click save, however, it takes me to a 500 (internal server error page).

Using the 'adminer' plugin (phpmyadmin) I have looked at the wp_options table, and there are none of the custome settings/fields that I have specified. My best guess at the problem is that the settings aren't registering properly so when I post the form to options.php it responds with an error because it doesn't expect those form fields.

I've been wracking my brain around this code for a few days now, and am wondering if someone else can take a look at it for me? I would really appreciate a few extra eyes...

Some resources I have tried:

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I think you are using the wrong identifier when calling settings_fields in your form (#115), it should be the same as the one you use when calling register_setting (#24), so 'wsuy_theme_options'; – Richard M Aug 19 '11 at 18:53
@Richard M, you beautiful, beautiful man. I can't mark a comment as the accepted answer. – Michael Jasper Aug 19 '11 at 20:58
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Oh crud,
It dawned on me after I spent an hour figuring it out that Richard M had given you the answer.

I created a new paste of your code, cleaned up some: http://pastebin.com/enUa3xme

I fixed the issue and also added the function add_my_options() and removed the is_admin() wrapper around your admin action hooks since they will only be triggered in the admin area, so they are unnecessary.

I needed to learn this since I use a half-way-done implementation of this, so even if it isn't helpful to you, it was worth learning...

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