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Are there any good code snippet managers for windows? I would prefer one that runs in the system tray and can be opened + searched quickly using keyboard shortcuts.

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I'd like something that can be opened + searched quickly using keyboard shortcuts as well.

The closest I've found to this is Texter. Using the Ctrl+Shift+M (default mapping, can be changed) shortcut, you can pull up the snippet manager, which allows you to browse your existing snippets. Ctrl+Shift+H allows you to quickly create a new snippet.

Snippets are inserted by typing a phrase and possibly a trigger key - you have an option of Enter, Tab or Space to expand snippets, or having the snippets expanded as soon as you finish typing the key phrase.

The only thing I don't like about Texter is that I can't hit a keyboard shortcut, type a piece of an existing snippet, and get a quick list of all snippets that contain the phrase I'm looking for. I'd prefer that to memorizing my key phrases.

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There is Snippets. It runs natively on Windows and Mac, it is available in system tray on Windows, it has Global Search feature. It seems it is exactly what you need.

In addition it has a feature called Distributors. It allows you to re-use code snippets from Snippets in your IDE or code editor natively. Here is the list of currently supported IDEs and we are adding more IDEs to the list. Take a look at Distributor for Visual Studio in action on YouTube.

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