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I wrote a program that shows all the headerfield and values of a webpage. I try to match all cookies found from setcookie headerfield with firefox page info.(I add an extension of view cookie) . firefox shows more name value pairs than my own program

here is my code....

       String line = null;
       URL gmail = new URL("");
       URLConnection connect = gmail.openConnection();

        java.util.Iterator it = map.keySet().iterator();

            String co = (String);
            List<String>word = map.get(co);
            java.util.Iterator ita = word.iterator();
                System.out.println("           "+(String);

   catch(Exception e)

How these extra cookie comes?

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The browser, after loading the initial page, could be running the javascript and making asynchronous requests to the server and that could be setting some more cookies. – Bala R Aug 19 '11 at 18:55
I need these cookies to access the next page . How can I get these cookies?@ Bala R – Diptopol Dam Aug 19 '11 at 19:12
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Try using something like HTTPUnit instead of doing the connections yourself.

Javascript on the page could be connecting to the server, or even to other serves, and getting the cookies from there.

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