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In rhomobile, which is on ruby I have a parsing of file and saving to sqlite db such a code

file_name = File.join(Rho::RhoApplication::get_model_path('app','Settings'), 'questions.txt')
  file =

  file.each_line("\n") do |row|
    col = row.split("|")

      {"id" => col[0], "question" => col[1],"answered"=>'0',"show"=>'1',"tutorial"=>col[4]}

    break if file.lineno > 1500

when in text in string there is single quote aka ' , for example an expression

It's  funny  

Then after parsing, saving and populating I get

It�s  funny

Any idea how to solve this and where from it comes, from Ruby, From sqlite or from what? how to solve it?

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I would check to make sure that your parsing isn't doing something funny. The Rhodes handles all of the necessary escaping in its ORM. I've never had any issues with quotes in the db.

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Hey there Jared - it seems like you are a Rhodes / RhoMobile developer. We are considering various mobile platforms and I am curious what you think of it. – MattW Jan 30 '13 at 12:59

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