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I've got objects cached by multiple tags. I can request them but I want to remove one specific tag from all of the objects that were returned with GetObjectsByTag(tag, region). I can't figure out how to either simply remove the tag or Put the thing back in with only the other tags (anything I didn't just query with). Anyone know how to do this?

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There's no specific API for managing the tags on an item, and I suspect that even if you were to create one using extension methods, essentially it would boil down to:

  1. Get the object
  2. Get the IEnumerable<DataCacheTag> from the object
  3. Remove the tags you don't want
  4. Put the object with the updated set of tags

There might be a way to do it if you poke around in the AppFabric assemblies with Reflector, but if you get a problem I doubt you'd be supported by Microsoft.

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