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So, I have a project with config files. When I deploy my code, I don't want the config files of individual servers to be overwritten, do I made a symlink that points to /var/www/config/config.php. That works fine.

Now the problem: config.php requires other .php files, which I do want to deploy. E.g. they're not in /var/www/config, they're in the folder where the symlink sits (/var/www/project/global/config/whatever).

Can I somehow require from the path the symlink is in, instead of the path the symlinked config.php is in?

So basically I want /var/www/config/config.php to include /var/www/project/global/config/file.php when I say require('file.php').

I.e., online separate the one config.php from the codebase, not everything it uses.

How can that be done?

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How is config.php being included? If you're including the symlink, the paths should all be relative to the source file. –  Doug Kress Aug 19 '11 at 20:02
It's being included via require_once('config/config.php') from php files in the global, and via 'global/config/config.php' from project folder. –  MrB Aug 19 '11 at 20:54

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Set includes path in PHP

set_include_path(set_include_path() . ';/var/www/project/global/config/whatever');
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