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There are a ton of CMS on the web and i dont have the time try out all so maybe you can recommend one. What im looking for -infinite depth of categories -define fields (html text editor,image uploader,title, date ect) -possibility to assign any variation of field set to a category -multi language. u can input the title or any field in more language -user authorization: possibility to hide menu items from certan user groups on the backend (eg.: to user can create as many new category as wants but no subcategory)

this functuions should come withe the core system so i dont have to buy/install moduls/plugins.

thank you!

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Of course this heavily depends on what type of hosting you have and what your skillset is. I assume now you do have some PHP skills and a shared hosting environment.

All you describe comes with TYPO3 (www.typo3.org) but it has a steep learning curve and is a bit greedy on system resources. But it can be worth it once you got into it. It's not theme-based, but generates the HTML through an own configuration language. You can do everything with it, I know of no limitations, all plugins/modules are for free.

A lot of People use Drupal (www.drupal.org), I haven't tried it personally, but a lot of people I work with seem to be pleased with it. It should also cover what you mentioned.

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