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How to send email with an attachment using Windows Phone 7 API?

Is it possible with WP7 (Mango 7.1) to send email with attachments?
I've seen some posts about using a webservice to send the email, but I was hoping that this is no longer needed in 7.1

Would it be possilbe to serialize my attachment and put it in as the body of the message? The attachment I want to send is around 5MB, would the Body be able to hold that much data ?

If I did go with the WebService route is there any public webservices that will do this? Its a free app so standing up my own server isnt going to happen.

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No, there's no way to send attachments via the EmailComposeTask in Mango. The only option is to do what you read and use a web service.

You can vote for the feature here.

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is it possible to create a custom screen to send emails using an external SMTP server then? –  xus Apr 4 '12 at 9:06
Yes, if you use your own SMTP server and custom web services, you can send emails with attachments. –  keyboardP Apr 4 '12 at 12:58

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