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I have a GameObject class (I made by myself) and I wanted to create (for example) a GraphicsWidth variable that contains the maximum width of the screen. This means I need to create a GraphicsDeviceManager instance. (right?). This is what I did:

protected GraphicsDeviceManager GM;

public int GraphicsWidth
        return GM.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.TitleSafeArea.Width;

And it says that I need to use "new" (initialize the object). How can I do that from my GameObject class?

Edit: Please, can anyone try to help?

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The reason for your error is that you've declared a variable to hold the GraphicsDeviceManager, but you're not initializing it yet. You need to either new up your variable:

protected GraphicsDeviceManager GM = new GraphicsDeviceManager();

or you need to declare the GraphicsDeviceManager.GraphicsDevice as static and make the change like so:

return GraphicsDeviceManager.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.TitleSafeArea.Width;

As comments above have indicated, you've got quite a few choices. Without knowing more context, I'd prefer using a single static container for a single instance of your GraphicsDeviceManager without making GraphicsDeviceManager static. Like this

public static class MyGraphics{
    public static readonly GraphicsDeviceManager DeviceManager = new GraphicsDeviceManager();

    public int ScreenWidth{
        get{ return DeviceManager.Viewport.TitleSafeArea.Width; }

So it's similar to Itamar's solution.

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I don't get why would you create another GraphicsDeviceManager inside each GameObject instance. All you need to do is call the GraphicsDeviceManager.PreferredBackBufferWidth() function. If you need to access it from GameObject you can declare a static GraphicsDeviceManager. That's what I usually do.

Perhaps I misunderstood your question. If so, please clarify what you are trying to accomplish.

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Let me understand what you are saying, –  Joey Aug 20 '11 at 13:36
Did you mean to do this? ideone.com/AnMR8 –  Joey Aug 20 '11 at 13:45
if not, please upload it to Ideone or something and let me know what do you mean, thanks alot. –  Joey Aug 20 '11 at 13:48
I prefer putting the GDM in a static class, like this. –  Itamar Marom Aug 20 '11 at 13:57

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