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I imported a vs2008 solution containing a class library with a wcf service defined in it. The solution also contains a console project which holds the hosting app for the service. The console app is set as the startup project. When I hit Debug, the console app tries to open the service host, but vs2010 also launches the generic WcfHost. This causes console app to crash.

How do I stop the WcfHost from launching and competing with the console app that hosts the services too?

or should I stop the console app from hosting?

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Not exactly sure about VS2010, but in VS2008, right-click the class library project w/ the WCF service in the Solution Explorer and select Properties. You should see a WCF Options tab. That tab has a checkbox that, to the best of my recollection, is checked by default. I have long since unchecked it, but it controls the startup of the WcfHost. Again, I'm not sure about VS2010, but I would look for a project property setting that controls this.

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Thanks. You're right. –  norbertB Aug 20 '11 at 22:57

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