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I'm following the tutorial here


So far I have created a directory, and pasted the source code into text files. I then copied sbt.bat and sbt-launcher.jar into the directory. Upon running

sbt update ~jetty-run

I get the following error message

"No action named 'jetty-run' exists"

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What version of SBT are you using? –  Daniel C. Sobral Aug 20 '11 at 7:16

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Sounds like you haven't jetty dependency in your config file or it wasn't successfully fetched.

Steps to launch chat app:

Clone sbt project from github
$git clone git://github.com/dpp/simply_lift.git

Launch sbt
$cd simply_lift/chat
Scala library will be downloaded.

From sbt console
> update
This will fetch all dependencies from sbt config file (project/build/LiftProject.scala). Make sure that all dependencies were downloaded successfully.

And finally
> jetty-run

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Never having run Lift, I'm uniquely unqualified to answer this question. However, I am an SBT user, so.... Try running these two commands from the sbt command line. First get into sbt:
sbt <enter>
then type:
that will likely take a very long time to complete. When it finishes, type
which should build any bits of Lift that need it and launch Jetty with Lift deployed. If all goes well, commence chatting.

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