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I need to transform a Map into xml, and then using smooks convert it back into a Map. This map can contain complex values (ex: List), How to achieve that using smooks?

<entry key="a"> <l:list> <a>a1</a> <a>a2</a> </l:list></entry>
<entry key="b"> <l:list> <b>b1</b> <b>b2</b> </l:list></entry>

where <a> and <b> tags are referring to existing A and B models

class A { String property; }
class B { String property; }


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Maybe you can do it with smooks and groovy:

 <jb:bean beanId="inputValue" class="java.util.HashMap" createOnElement="StartElement">
        <jb:value property="prop"          data="StartElement/SomeValue/AnotherValue" />

<g:groovy executeOnElement="StartElement">

                //code for setting the objects                              

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You can do something like this:

<jb:bean beanId="itemList" class="java.util.ArrayList" createOnElement="Element">
     <jb:wiring beanIdRef="item" />
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