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My current code that i use is this:

<script type="text/javascript">

How ever, this only works when the 'ID' is 'on_holiday' within the input form. I need this to work when I have another element within the form - The current 'ID' is:

<a href="#" data-reveal-id="on_holiday" class="side_link">Test</a>

My problem is when ever I add the element 'ID' to this link, it messes up the data-reveal-id and its cause. I need some sort of jQuery code that can click this link without the need to put the 'ID' field in.

Many thanks in advance.

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or something of that sort?

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What about:

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Works perfectly thank you. – Ben Aug 19 '11 at 23:31

Well you have a number of options. Take a look at the jQuery selectors page.

$("a").click(); //by tag.
$("a[href='#']").click(); //by tag with href property
$(".side_link").click(); //by class
$("div#someId a.side_link").click(); // This would work if the link was a child of a div with Id = someId
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