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I have a method called addEnemy in my class called Enemy, and I want to call this method in another class called EnemyLayer. I would use [Enemy addEnemy];, but it's not a static method (-(void)addEnemy). How can I do this?

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You must first import the Enemy.h file into your EnemyLayer file. Then, create an instance of the Enemy class in your EnemyLayer file. You can then call the addEnemy method on that instance:

[instanceOfEnemyClass addEnemy];

(in your example, you were trying to call the method on the entire Enemy class, but it's not a class method, so you have to call it on an instance of that class.)

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They're both in the same class. When I do this, I get an error. – Joethemonkey101 Aug 20 '11 at 0:15

Subclassing EnemyLayer under Enemy ? Try to be more specific on your question.

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Method addEnemy is in the Enemy class, and I want to use it in the EnemyLayer class. – Joethemonkey101 Aug 19 '11 at 23:55

You need to show more code. Your question is confusing.

I am thinking you want to know how to make a class method which is done like this:

+ (void) fooMethod
  // Do stuff

This method is not called on an instance of the class but on the class itself. Therefore:

// Instance declaration
// The class is named FooClass and the instance of the class is _fooInstance
FooClass *_fooInstance;

// This will not work as it is calling for a 
// instance method which does not exist.
[_fooInstance fooMethod];

// This will work as it is calling for a class
// method which does exist.
[FooClass fooMethod];
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