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I recently installed Wordpress (3.2.1) onto my server. Prior to installing Wordpress, I already had a folder located at http://www.mydomain.com/feed which contains various files and what not.

However, since I installed Wordpress, I have noticed that this directory is browsable and indexable. Which means any "joe-schmoe" can browse through the directories and see my files.

I have tried disabling the feed by following the instructions on this website, but it didn't work. (It just made my main domain webpage come up blank).

I also tried the Disable RSS plugin as well. And this did not work for 3.2.1.

Any other ideas so I can fix this issue?

Thanks very much.

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Does the problem persist when you change themes, or does this only happen with your currently-selected theme? –  Matt Stein Aug 20 '11 at 0:06
Hi Matt, it persists with all themes. –  Dodinas Aug 20 '11 at 0:17

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Ok, I figured it out. The plugin appears to work now. The problem was not with Wordpress, but my configurations with Apache. I went into cPanel and made the following changes found here, which worked.

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