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I have a winforms app that when it starts, it opens a url in a webbrowser control and takes a snapshot of that saving it to a jpeg on the server. It works great when I run the app by double clicking it, but if I fire it from my asp.net generic handler with Process.start I see the process appear in Task Manager but I do not get any images saved. Is is possible for me to fire a winforms app and get it operate normally from my generic handler page?

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Sounds like a login issue. The asp.net generic handler isn't logged in as you, and likely doesn't have a UI. It's not going to work the way you expect if you want to launch a GUI app and take a screenshot of the UI when there isn't one. What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe there's another way to do it. –  Tridus Aug 20 '11 at 1:52
I have an application that involves generating a jpeg from text/images and shapes. Right now this process is done client side and uploaded, but if I could do it server side it would be simpler. What I think I will ultimately do is have my screenshot maker running on the server all the time and have it create the images as the requests come in. –  box86rowh Aug 22 '11 at 14:15

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Ended up abandoning this path and using a process running on the server

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