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I have

        <%= content_for(:scripts) do %>
            <%= javascript_include_tag 'rating_ballot' %>
        <%- end -%>
        <%= form_for(rating_ballot, :remote => true, :html => { :class => 'rating_ballot' }) do |f| %>
            <%= f.label("value_1", content_tag(:span, '1'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"1"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 1, current_user_rating == 1, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_2", content_tag(:span, '2'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"2"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 2, current_user_rating == 2, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_3", content_tag(:span, '3'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"3"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 3, current_user_rating == 3, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_4", content_tag(:span, '4'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"4"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 4, current_user_rating == 4, :class => 'rating_button') %>
            <%= f.label("value_5", content_tag(:span, '5'), {:class=>"rating", :id=>"5"})
            radio_button_tag("rating[value]", 5, current_user_rating == 5, :class => 'rating_button') %>

            <%= hidden_field_tag("msg_id", msg.id) %>
            <%= f.submit :Submit %>
        <%- end -%>

In a partial _msgs_list.html.erb rendered in the view home/index.html.erb. I added :remote => true to the form and put a create.js.erb and an update.js.erb in the folder views/ratings. The contents of create and update are

$('table#rating').replaceWith("<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'home/rating') %>");

I render another inside views/home/_msgs_list.html.erb via <%= render :partial => "rating", :locals => { :msg => msg } %>

and the contents of the partial _rating.html.erb are

<table id="rating">
            <th colspan="2">Photo Ratings</th>
        <td>Average Rating</td>
        <td><%= msg.average_rating %></td>
        <td>Your Rating</td>
        <td><%= current_user_rating %></td>

Why dont create.js.erb and update.js.erb work? Thanks

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1st things first, are the files being rendered? Check your log to see if the controller is rendering the html or js versions of your templates. Also, can you post your controller code? – numbers1311407 Aug 20 '11 at 2:11
Yes everything is rendering fine its just that the two files update and create.js.erb are not being loaded, it seems – user852974 Aug 20 '11 at 2:14
That's what I meant, so those files aren't being rendered? Is the form submitting normally (not remotely)? If that's the case, are you missing the javascript driver file which handles remote (probably called rails.js)? If the form is submitting remotely, is the controller rendering the HTML versions of the templates (can see this in the log, or in Firebug/etc). If that's the case, perhaps you should specify respond_to :js in your controller. – numbers1311407 Aug 20 '11 at 2:35
The form is submitting normally, I have 'rails' in my javascript_include_tag in my application.html.erb and the form is submitting remotely, but the page is not refreshing (e.g if there is no rating and I go to the page and select a rating via a radio button, the page is supposed to update via ajax, but it doesn't. The submit button does not trigger the ajax however if I then refresh the page, the option that I selected has been registered.) – user852974 Aug 20 '11 at 2:47
Can you post a snipped of the development console when you click the link just so we can see what Rails is doing. Also your controller code would be helpful as well. – Devin M Aug 20 '11 at 4:10

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