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All the tutorials say to put session start. They don't say if that should be in all pages on the website, or some, or only 1.

And if it's only 1 page, does it have to be the main page? Or a page with a form that I am making that puts the session ID in the database? If the visitor never visits a page with a session id but they are on the site, do they still have a session id?

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You need to put this in each page that need to access the session data before accessing (or creating) any session data.


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So I would put session start at the top of each page on the website, AND I would put it in the code that will put the session ID in the mysql database? So session start should be written 2 times on those pages? –  hmwhat Aug 20 '11 at 3:59
No. You only need it once per page but before accessing the data. –  theprogrammer Aug 20 '11 at 4:00

Just for a matter of completeness you can choose to write session_start(); in all pages, in just one or in none of them. Let me explain this.

You need to start session in every script where you need access to $_SESSION variable but instead of putting session_start(); in every single script you can create a file headers.php and put there all your repetitive code including session_start();

If everything in your application needs access to $_SESSION you can forget the use of session_start(); simply setting session.auto_start = 1 in your php.ini file. You will be able to access $_SESSION without writing session_start(); before.

More here

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Anything that is going to access Session variables needs to start the session.

So unless you have a php page that is non-dependent on the session than every page needs it.

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