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I would like to debug Firefox code on OS X. I'm reading from this page and it tells me:

Now you need to add the executable. Select Project > New Custom Executable and type a pretty name, then click the Choose button to locate the .app file that you want to debug (,, etc). The .app file is

But with xcode 4 there is no Projects menu. I can't seem to find out how to add a custom executable. I have successfully built Firefox but I just can't debug it because I don't know how to add an executable in Xcode 4. I suspect the steps in the link were for Xcode 3.

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Under Xcode 4 you will have to edit a scheme to run an executable. Select a scheme (or duplicate one for your target) then select the "Run" phase. You will see an "Executable" pop-up menu, select which executable you wish to use then run your target. There are other settings for specifying the arguments, etc just as in Xcode 3.

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note that if you're using an externally built executable you'll have to remove the target in Build phase for your current scheme in order for the Product > Run action to be able to start the executable – anddam Jul 7 '13 at 7:03

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