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I am having some issues getting my JS to work right. I am trying to select an option from a dropdown which then calls this function. The function is being called properly (type is set to 'truck' and id is set to 5). I want to then use the data returned to populate several fields. The alert() I added to test gives me "undefined".

Here is my JS:

 function getDueDates(type, id) {
         id: id,
         type: type
         function(data) {            
            alert( "TEST: " + data.year);

When I check the loadVehicle page manually (with id=5, type=truck) I get:

[{"truck_id":"5","status":"A","truck_number":"21","year":"1999","make":"Freightliner","model":"Classic","engine":"Detroit","vin_number":"1FUPCSZB2XPA16977","transmission_number":"","tire_size":"","inspection_due":"2009-04-30","short_due":"0000-00-00","full_due":"0000-00-00","comments":"Caf Inc Truck","web_id":"b963940bfd96528f7fd57c08628221f0","last_update":"2009-03-09 16:26:28"}]

But in the page the alert comes up with "TEST: undefined"

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You need data[0].year since you are getting an array containing a single object.

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Damn your speed, karim79. (+1) – Matt Stein Aug 20 '11 at 4:22
@Matt - Hehe, I owe it to "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" which taught me to touch type when I was a teenager, and having answered at least 10 questions like this :) – karim79 Aug 20 '11 at 4:24
Thanks! That was it. – Josh Curren Aug 20 '11 at 4:25
I knew there was something other than Number Munchers, Word Munchers and Oregon Trail. Nice work! – Matt Stein Aug 20 '11 at 4:25

Try data[0].year.

It looks like your loadVehicle.php is returning an array of objects not just one object.

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