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I'd like to learn how to build a rake task for my rails 3 app that does two things.

  1. Pushes assets to the CDN
  2. Deploys to heroku

Commands for the above steps:

 rake cache:s3
 heroku jammit:deploy --app #{app}

Here's what I have /lib/tasks/deployer.rake

task :deployit do
  puts '=== Storing assets on s3 ==='
  run "rake cache:s3"
  puts '=== Deploying to Heroku ==='
  run "heroku jammit:deploy --app #{app}"

def run(cmd)
  shell cmd
  if $?.exitstatus == 0
    display "[OK]"
    display "[FAIL]"

But that errors with 'undefined method `shell' for main:Object'

Suggestions on how to make this work? Should this be a task or something else?


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The first task is another rake task, which will run if it is a dependency of the :deployit task. Your current code would loads rake twice.

If you use system like Arun suggested you would get:

task :deployit => 'cache:s3' do
  puts '=== Deploying to Heroku ==='
  system "heroku jammit:deploy --app #{app}"
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Heroku is a gem so it might even be possible to just call the jammit:deploy by requiring it in this task. I took a quick look at the gem but failed to find which methods should be called. – suweller Aug 21 '11 at 9:16

Use system command instead. For more info:

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mind updating with new code? Also the def run... does that work ina task? – AnApprentice Aug 20 '11 at 5:41
def run works fine in a task – suweller Aug 20 '11 at 9:41

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