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I am confused on finding an approach to resolve this issue. Consider below html

  <div id="parent" onclick="myFunc">
     <div id="child-a"></div>
     <div id="child-b"></div>
     <div id="child-c"></div>
     <div id="child-d"></div>
     <div id="child-e"></div>  

Event listener is attached to the parent element. If a user clicks on lets say 'child-c', is there any way to find out using "myFunc" that which div was clicked? In this case 'child-c'. Any possible solution using pure JS or jQuery?

Let me know if more explanation is required. Thank you for helping.


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3 Answers 3

Yes, use target:

    // is the clicked div


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Thanks, works great. I dn't have reputation to 'up' ur answer. :( – nishant limbachiya Aug 20 '11 at 6:57


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Yes, you can check the event's target property which will indicate the element that was clicked. You can read more about event properties here.

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