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From the ExtJS documentation:

flex : Number
This configuration option is to be applied to child items of the container managed by this       
layout. Each child item with a flex property will be flexed horizontally according to each 
item's relative flex value compared to the sum of all items with a flex 
value specified. Any child items that have either a flex = 0 or flex = undefined will not 
be 'flexed' (the initial size will not be changed).

But the documentation does not give a lucid application on how it affects the layout and how to use it. Also, I could not find any good tutorials/examples on how to use it on Google.

Appreciate if someone can throw more light on this.

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There is a good usage and demo of flex at the following sites:

  1. Sencha Examples (at vbox node)
  2. Java2s
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It's proportional ratio for length vbox (height) & hbox (width)

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