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I have a Long string from that I want to store the keyword in array or collection, the format of my string is like below:

Title: My Test Page Title.

Desc: My page description.

Keywords: Bessel function, legendre function, Differential Equations, Bessel, Legendre, Homogenous, Assignment & Maths Homework Help.

Bessel & Legendre Function:

Homogenous Equations of the second order of the type + x + ( - )y = 0, v [0, ), x [0, )………………….(1) (1 - ) - 2x + n (n + 1)y = 0, n = 1, 2 ……, x (-1, 1)…………………(2)

In this String I want to store all Keywords in Array/collection split from comma. My problem is that How I can find out the starting and ending point to split the keywords, I can get the Starting point from Keywords: but what should be my ending point to store the keyword in array/collection, there is no any fix format, there is only one fix format which is there will be a Para after ending the Keyword section.

any one can suggest me regular expression for this.

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there will be a Para

Seems like you should first split the string into lines.

And then the line that starts with Keywords: holds your keywords.

You can use the string.Split() method to split into lines as well as for breaking out the keywords.

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It also looks like the Keywords section ends with a fullstop. So you could find the next fullstop ie IndexOf(".") after the "Keywords:" ....

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I think this should do:

string afterKeywords = data.Substring(data.IndexOf("Keywords:") + 9);
string beforeNextPara = afterKeywords.Substring(0, afterKeywords.IndexOf(Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine));
var dataWeNeed = beforeNextPara.Split(',');
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