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In an object of the Matrix, after make several calls to postScale() how can I retrieve the final scale value?

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Extract the matrix values and use the ones you need, for example:

float[] values = new float[9];
float scale = values[Matrix.MSCALE_X];
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I assume it's possible for you to keep track of the individual scale factors?

The "final" scale value of an image that was rescaled a couple of times is the product of the individual scale factors. A simplified example using the same scale for x and y axis:

float[] scales = {0.2f, 0.5f, 1f, 2f, 5f};

If you apply these subsequently, then the final scale will be 0.2 * 0.5 * 1 * 2 * 5 = 1 again, that is the final image is again the same as the original one.

If you apply different factors for x and y axis, then you have to compute the product individually for both axis.

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