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for example this code

var html = "<p>This text is <a href=#> good</a></p>";
var newNode = Builder.node('div',{className: 'test'},[html]);

casues the p and a tags to be shown, how do I prevent them from being escaped?

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The last parameter to Builder.node is "Array, List of other nodes to be appended as children" according to the Wiki. So when you pass it a string it is treated like text.

You could use:

var a = Builder.node('div').update("<a href='#'>foo</a>")

Where the link is text or:

var a = Builder.node('div', {'class':'cool'}, 
         [Builder.node('div', {'class': 'another_div'})]

And you could use just Prototypes new Element() (Available as of version 1.6).

var a = new Element('div').insert(
          new Element('div', {'class': 'inner_div'}).update("Text in the inner div")
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