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I just started to use Wolfram Workbench 2.0 (WB) for Mathematica (MMA) package development.

A friend sent me a whole project that he developed in in WB.

I put this project folder into the workspace/base area where I have other projects. I started WB , but this friend's project is not found by WB (that is I do not see it in the Package Explorer).

I changed the preferences so that WB refreshes the workspaces at startup, restarted WB, but still the friend's project is not found in Package Explorer.

Question: how can I properly "import" this friend's project into my WB, so that i can work with it?

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You may need to use File -> Switch Workspace depending on whether your project is in /Workspaces or Workspaces/Base. Wolfram give some example projects (see here). If you import one of these can you 'see' it in Package Explorer? – TomD Aug 20 '11 at 10:51
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The WB website says about importing project examples:

  • Download the zip file containing the projects by clicking the button below.

  • Start Workbench. Once it is running, select File -> Import.... In
    the General category choose Existing Projects into Workspace and
    click Next.

  • Browse to select the zip file that you downloaded, select which
    projects you wish to import, then click Finish. The projects will be imported into your workspace.
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