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This Question has been asked and answered before, but i did not clearly understand the answer. So here is the Question: There is a condition "X". There are three steps A,B and C. Irrespective of whether condition "X" succeeds or fails, A & B are available.But, "c" is available only if condition "X" succeeds. I tried everything i know, but no use so far. Please Suggest something. Thanks.

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Either you can parallelize the activities A,B and C then you should introduce join/fork bars. If they wille be executed serialized it could like this

 /\ [X not succeeded]
 \/ -------+
  |        |
 (C)       |
  |        |
  O -------+

O Begin / End
(A) Aktivity A
\/ Condition
Arrows have been omitted

See also uml tutorials on how to model control flow.

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That was really nice :) –  user652922 Aug 20 '11 at 10:38
So many months later, i encountered the same issue again. This time, i found a better idea. Since one flow has an option additional to the other one, i split it into two use cases and used Extends dependency –  user652922 May 7 '12 at 11:52

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