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I have four items in my StatusStrip:

  1. StatusLabel with dynamic width
  2. StatusLabel with Spring property set to True (to fill the remaining space)
  3. StatusLabel with dynamic width
  4. a custom StatusStrip control with fixed with

The second one is there because I want to align the last two items to the right, and it will do that (found it on SO).

When I change the text of the first StatusLabel, it will correctly change the width of it, but then the third StatusLabel gets cut, I don't know why...

Without changing the text it behaves well: Good

But when the text is changed... Bad

Probably the width of the spacer StatusLabel (the second one) remains the same, which - I think - shouldn't. What do You think? How to solve this?

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The Spring property doesn't always work properly if it isn't on the far right.

See Probem with StatusStrip...Help needed

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So I can't be lazy to write own code. Thanks for the answer! – KisGabo Aug 20 '11 at 14:41

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