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I am new to Sphinx, and need some help. I am querying Sphinx server with PHP script like:

 $cl = new SphinxClient();
 $cl->SetServer( "host", 9312 );
 $cl->SetMatchMode( SPH_MATCH_ANY  );
 $result = $cl->Query( "some word",  "index1" );  

Now I would like to know how to pull for SAME query first 20 results, then next 20 results, etc, like in MySQL LIMIT 0,20, then LIMIT 20,20, etc?

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First time



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$offset = 0;
if (isset($_GET['offset'])) {
    $offset = $_GET['offset'];
$limit = 30;
$max_matches = 1000;
$cl = new SphinxClient();

    // limit for this "page", starting at $offset
    // absolute limit for number of results
    ((int)$limit > $max_matches)
        ? (int)$limit
        : (int)$max_matches);

Where $offset is the current start record (default 0), $limit is the number of records to display per page, and $max_matches is the maximum number of matches you want allow returned in a single search.

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