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(sorry for my English) and I hope to explain!

I'm looking for a solution to display different output for a custom filed, named "cw". The my theme of much use in custom filed, so I created a function to simplify your calls:

* Get custom field of the current page
* $type = string|int
function my_getcustomfield($filedname, $page_current_id = NULL)
$page_current_id = get_page_id();
$value = get_post_meta($page_current_id, $filedname, true);
return $value;

said this, I created the custom filed in my theme:

<?php $video_code = my_getcustomfield('cw',get_the_ID()); if(!empty($video_code)) : ?>
<div class="video_code"><?php echo $video_code; ?></div>

Since the custom value is a URL, type:, I need to extract just the ID. using this technique PHP Regex to get youtube video ID?, I modified my custom filed in this way:

<?php $video_code = my_getcustomfield('cw',get_the_ID()); $url = $video_code; parse_str(parse_url($url, PHP_URL_QUERY )); if(isset($video_code[0])){ ?>  
<div cacaolink="<?php echo $f; ?>"></div>
<?php } else { ?> 
<?php echo 'Video n.d.'; ?></div>
<?php endif; } ?>

In this way everything works perfectly.

Now, the custom value can be those listed below:

<div cacaolink=""></div>
<div cacaolink=""></div>
<div cacaolink=""></div>

**Finally here is the problem: How can I use an elseif according to the custom value?

any help is appreciated :)**

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So what you need in short is extracting "video id" part from urls having one of 3 structures defined above, right? If yes, all you need is the next: – karevn Aug 20 '11 at 19:59

So what you need in short is extracting "video id" part from urls having one of 3 structures defined above. If I understood you right, you can just use the next code:

    $video_id = preg_replace("/.*\?(videoid|f)=/", '', $customvalue);

Where $customvalue is the value extracted from your custom field with my_getcustomfield.

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thank you for your response. but the video ID can also get it with my method: <?php echo $f; $videoid; ?> the problem is to get these parts: /megavideo/megavideo.caml?videoid=, /videobb/videobb.caml?videoid= – Fask Aug 22 '11 at 8:49

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