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I am trying to create a simple operating system, yet when I compile the bootloader, I get the error:

error: binary output format does not support external references

I know what this error means, but is it possible to make external references when compiling to binary format? Here is my complete code:

[BITS 16]     
[ORG 0x7C00]
global loader
extern kmain

call kmain
times 510-($-$$) db 0
dw 0xAA55 

And my kernel:

void kmain()
    unsigned char *vidmem = (unsigned char *) 0xb8000;
    int i

How I compiled:

nasm -o '/home/myusername/Cubed OS/Bootloader.o' '/home/myusername/Cubed OS/Bootloader.s'
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You can only have external references in object file formats that are linkable. A bare binary is not, so you can't do that directly.

(And you need to set up a stack before you can call a C function AFAIK.)

I see three ways of going about this:

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What format can you have external references and use the "ORG" directive? –  smilinggoomba Aug 22 '11 at 13:49

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