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When I link to my website on Facebook a thumbnail comes up but it is not the thumbnail I want to come up. How do I change the thumbnail. It shows the image on the object debugger

How do I change the image?

I have seen similar posts but want to no a simple solution for the issue? Can it be done on Facebook no coding involved?

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  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL following by fbrefresh=CAN_BE_ANYTHING


  3. OR visit:

I was having the same issue last night, and I got this solution from some website.

Facebook saves your cache thumbnail. The thumbnail will not change even if you delete the image from your server. But Facebook allows you to refresh by using fbrefresh

I hope this helps.

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There is nothing special about fbrefresh. What you are actually doing is just changing the URL that gets requested -- it is treated as a new site. You can make any query string change for the same result. I believe this confusion stems from an example that was mentioned in the old FB blog back in early 2008. – AndrewF Dec 20 '12 at 13:46

you can add into <head></head>

this tag <link rel="image_src" href="http://URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE" / >

OR change <html> tag to

<html xmlns=""

and add into tag <head></head> this tag

<meta property="og:image" content="http://URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE" />

Don`t forget to test your link using facebook debug tool

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I managed to do the second of these options, but without the xmlns=""; and the xmlns:fb="";. Seems to work. – Ralph Lavelle Jan 17 '15 at 9:12

You can choose what thumbnail is displayed by adding an og:image meta tag to the HTML of

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Easier than this.

Go to the link you shared. Open it in a new tab.

Right upper corner --> Refresh Share Attachment

New thumbnail image gets fetched and you get an option to choose another.

Hope this helps :)

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