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I am trying to make a legend using a DataGrid . My problem is, I want the text in the Datagrid to be colored. I use the onStyleRow function as outlined here: ( and it works the first time after deploying. The text in the DataGrid comes up red, but if i refresh or open try it on a different browser, the DataGrid text does not come up red, just the standard black.

I was wondering, what I was doing wrong, Thanks, Here is my code:


var threadGrid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
    id: 'plotlegend',
    store: oStore,
    structure: layout,
    rowsPerPage: 5,
    rowSelector: false,
    autoWidth: true,
    query: {},
    plotsObject: this.plotsObject,
    onStyleRow: function(row){
        var legend = this;
        var item = legend.getItem(row.index);
        if (item){
                var variableName =, "plot");
            if (variableName){
                var color = "color:red;";
                row.customStyles += color;


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Not sure if this will solve your issue, but it's better if the last line of your custom style function is: dojox.grid.DataGrid.prototype.onStyleRow.apply(this, arguments);

(Remove the grid.focus.styleRow and grid.focus.edit.styleRow lines) This code will be more forward compatible since it runs the default onStyleRow function directly.

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Great! All the official docs don't mention this and show the (not working) code as seen in the question. This helped me a lot :) – Jan May 11 '13 at 11:07

I have had more success in using dojo.connect to handle this event and properly apply styles. I haven't used the individual styles as CSS classes are a better way to manage styles. It is better for maintenance because then you don't have individual styles embedded in your JavaScript. Here's a snippet of what works for me. Keep in mind this is on Dojo 1.5.

var grid = dijit.byId('myDataGrid');
dojo.connect(grid, 'onStyleRow' , this, function(row) {                    
    var item = grid.getItem(row.index);
    if (item) {
        if(item.status != "viewed"){
            row.customClasses += " unRead";
            row.customClasses += " read";

        if(item.status == "not active"){
            row.customClasses += " dismissed";
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