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Issue: When the listen method is invoked on ContentViewLog, the log and entity manager are null.

BlogDetailBean (A bean used on a JSF2 page)

public class BlogDetailBean {

    private BlogService blogService;

    Event<ContentViewEvent> blogViewEvent;


    public String loadEntry(){ ContentViewEvent(this.entry));



ContentViewLog (A bean that listens for ContentViewEvents)

public class ContentViewLog {

    private Logger log;

    private EntityManager em;

    private void listen(@Observes final ContentViewEvent e) {"Content View Event: " + e.toString());
        final LoggedContentView lcv = new LoggedContentView(e);

    public Long getTotalViews() {
        final Long result = (Long) this.em.createNamedQuery(
        return result;



As an aside, what's particularly confusing is that ContentViewLog's other methods, such as getTotalViews, work when used from other beans (though, in those cases, I'm not using CDI events.)

FYI - there are 2 beans not shown above that use @Produces to supply the Logger and EntityManager instances.

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Do you have any error message? Could you post some stack trace? – brandizzi Aug 20 '11 at 22:33
is this weld or another impl? – Bozho Aug 21 '11 at 21:46

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Just a shot in the dark, since I agree we need to know what CDI and container you're using, but have you tried making the observer method public instead of private? I have a feeling that proxying won't work correctly in this case.

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