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can somebody please explain difference between those two terms, when I'm trying to print

structs from Win32_AllocatedResource() I can find pnp device id (something like PCI\\VEN_...) and when I'm trying to print structs from Win32_IDEControllerDevice() I can find device id (something like IDE\\CDROM...)

but what is the difference why do I need both of them? thanks in advance

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Win32_AllocatedResource gives you the assignment of a given resource (e.g. a DMA starting address) to some "device" (or "object"), which when ResultClass = Win32_IDEController, is the controller.

Win32_IDEControllerDevice gives you the list of "devices" (or "object") that are connected to a certain controller, the Antecedent key is the DeviceID of the controller whereas the Dependent key is the DeviceID of the storage unit.

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