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I'm using JSoup to authenticate then connect to a website. Some URL have a JSON response (because part of the site is in AJAX). Can JSoup handle JSON response ?

Connection.Response doc = Jsoup.connect("...")
String result = doc.body()

In my case body is "".

  • Is it because JSoup don't know how to handle JSON ? (offcourse there is no )
  • Or because there is an error in my request ?

Is there JSoup like libraries for JSON ?

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You can fetch JSON or other data format using this:

// JSON example
String json = Jsoup.connect(url).ignoreContentType(true).execute().body();
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I don't think Jsoup will execute Javascript. If the provided URL returns any non-html text, I believe Jsoup will just wrap it in a body tag or something similiar.

See this post for a suggestion

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Yes, of course, JavaScript is not executed. I was not sure if the JSON string will be wrapped in a body tag or if it would be removed to suit a well formed document. –  Jean-Philippe Encausse Aug 22 '11 at 7:10

You should use a JSON library to process JSON Data.

Here are some: Click

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