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I want to write a method that loops through all the params to make sure they aren't all blank.

My params are:


I have this method:

def all_blank_check(params)

  params[:search].each do |key, value|
    array << value unless value.blank?

  if array.count < 1
      return true
     return false

But when I try something like all_blank_check(params) I get the following error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `all_blank_check' for #<Class:0x108c08830>):

Do I need to convert the params to an array first? Can't I perform a method on params?

Edit - full source:

        def index
          @customers = Customer.search_search(params)

def self.search_search(params) search_field = [] search_values = [] array = [] test = '' if !params[:search].nil? && all_blank_check(params[:search] if !params[:search].nil? && !params[:search][:company].blank? search_field << 'customers.company LIKE ?' search_values << "%#{params[:search][:company]}%" end if !params[:search].nil? && !params[:search][:city].blank? search_field << 'customers.city = ?' search_values << "#{params[:search][:city]}" end if !params[:search].nil? && !params[:search][:phone].blank? search_field << 'customers.phone_1 = ?' search_values << "%#{params[:search][:phone]}%" end conditions = [search_field.join(' AND ')] + search_values Customer.where(conditions).includes(:customer_contacts).limit(10) end end def all_blank_check(params) params[:search].each do |key, value| array << value unless value.blank? end if array.count < 1 return false end if array.count > 1 return true end end

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Show the full source code. – Maurício Linhares Aug 20 '11 at 16:39
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The problem is not the type of params, the problem is that the method all_blank_check does not exist on the object you call it on.

You defined it as an instance method and you're trying to call it from the class method search_param, which won't work.

If you want to make all_blank_check a class method you need to change the definition to def self.all_blank_check(params) - same as search_param.

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AWESOME! I thought Class methods where only for searches (Customer.find) , I really learned something today, thanks! – fatfrog Aug 20 '11 at 17:20

You can also use more Ruby-minded code like this:

def self.all_blank?(params)
   params[:search].count{|key, value| !value.blank?} == 0

This counts the values that are not blank; if the number is 0, it means all are blank. It avoids creating a new array just for counting.

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I'm gonna show off this little gem at work tomorrow! :D – fatfrog Aug 23 '11 at 4:09
Or even better params[:search].values.all?(&:blank?) – dira Sep 26 '11 at 22:32

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